Quality Crafted Wild Turkey Calls

Although the pictures may look a little distorted, these calls are
turned on a precision lathe and are perfectly symmetrical.

The first section below shows our main line of Trumpet calls. These calls come in a variety of materials and are 8" in overall length.  Click HERE for a large view.
Trumpet Type of Material Price
Coco Bolo  
Laminated Dymondwood  
Osage Orange  
Pink Ivory  
Blackwood (shown with Ivory mouthpiece - $50 extra)  
Due to recent requests, we now offer a wingbone trumpet. This call produces excellent sound quality and is comparable to the ivory mouthpiece that is optional with our other trumpets. At this time we have very few wingbones on hand, so we are asking that you furnish your own wingbone from a wild turkey hen.
Wingbone Trumpet Type of Material Price
Coco Bolo  
We are also offering two other trumpet calls, The Shirt Pocket Trumpet and the Sliding Shirt Pocket Trumpet. These calls measure 4 3/4" long and use the same interchangeable mouthpiece as all of our regular trumpets. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but big on sound.... The Sliding Trumpet extends an extra 1 3/4" in length to give the infinite tones of yelps from a young hen to an old gobbler... Both of these trumpets come with a mouthpiece of your choice and a lanyard... They are both made in either Delrin or Aluminum.
Shirt Pocket Trumpets Type of Trumpet Price
Regular Shirt Pocket  
Sliding Shirt Pocket  

DELRIN: Delrin  turkey calls are hard durable black plastic with excellent natural camo color. This model is one of our most durable trumpet calls and will last for many generations.

COCO BOLO: Coco Bolo is a beautiful imported hardwood from Central America. The variegated grains of this hardwood range in color from deep red to brown to yellow and black.

LAMINATED: Laminated calls are special in that you get a very hard wood with improved sound quality and it is equal in its beauty. We offer several different colors in this model. Camo and Field & Stream are two of our most requested models.

OSAGE ORANGE: The Osage Orange call is a very bright yellowish orange wood that is very hard. This wood is famous for its use in longbows. It grows in Texas and the open plains.

PINK IVORY: Pink Ivory is one of the world's rarest woods. Selected from heartwood, the color varies from light to dark pink and red. This is a very beautiful trumpet.

BLACKWOOD: This wood is imported form Africa and is used in many musical instruments. The color will range from black to dark brown. An excellent choice in wooden calls.

ACRYLIC: The acrylic call is offered in either dark green or black. It is a very hard material with excellent sound quality. This is a very durable and classy trumpet.

ALUMINUM: If you're looking for a nearly indestructible call, this is the one. Made of 6061 aluminum, it is very durable. It can be used louder than any call that we make. It is offered in several different finishes. Bead blasted, highly polished or painted. The highly polished is the most regal looking and is our favorite. If the shine bothers you for hunting, camo tape or removable camo paint will remedy this. It is an excellent choice for any terrain due to its sound carrying ability.

BRASS: Our brass call has all of the characteristics of the aluminum call, but because of the material it's made from, it weighs about 3 times what the aluminum call does.

CROWN: The Crown is a three piece trumpet call that is an excellent choice for the hunter who hunts both Spring and Fall seasons. The fluted end of the Crown extends 1.25 inches on the tail piece. This produces infinite changes in tones when used with different mouthpieces. This call comes standard with two interchangeable mouthpieces of 5/64" and 3/32". The slide action of the trumpet (seated by 2 "O" rings) makes it possible to imitate the youngest hen's to the oldest gobbler's yelps. 
We offer this call in both Delrin and Acrylic. By special order only.

NOTE!!  A lanyard and one Delrin mouthpiece of your choice is furnished with each trumpet call.

Delrin Interchangeable Mouthpieces: The interchangeable mouthpieces are made of either white or black Delrin. The end that fits the trumpet has two o-rings.. This means the fit will stay snug and true forever. We offer three sizes of mouthpieces,  5/64", #45, & 3/32". Each size gives a different tone of yelp. The 5/64" is a better choice for someone beginning to use a trumpet. All mouth pieces are furnished with a rubber lip stop that is adjustable to personal preference.

Delrin Mouthpieces............. $10.00
Ivory Mouthpieces................$50.00
5/64" 3 Rings Young Hen
#45 2 Rings Mature Hen
3/32" 1 Ring Old Hen
NOTE!!  We now offer an IVORY mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is not interchangeable. It is available in 5/64", #45 or 3/32". Add $50.00 to the trumpet of your choice. (available for most trumpets)

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